“Our Lives Together: Two Men in Love” by Alvin Granowsky— Living Together

our lives together

Granowsky, Alvin. “Our Lives Together: Two Men in Love”, iUniverse, 2014.

Living Together

Amos Lassen

Glen and Keith have been together for four years and their relationship is strong as is their love for each other. But them, Katie Collins returns to their small town outside of Dallas. Her marriage is falling apart and she is pregnant. It is possible that Glen is the father of her child because she went through a treatment at a fertility clinic. Keith does not believe this and he believes that she had sex with Glen and is now hurt and furious. He thinks the reason that Katie has come is to take Glen from him.

Gentry Phillips is the handsome 18-year-old son of a Southern Baptist minister who is in love with his best friend. He is distraught that he is gay because he thinks that being gay is an abomination and that he will have to face God for judgment. He asks Glen, his teacher, for help and this puts Glen as a target for the wrath of Gentry’s father. It just so happens that Katie’s aunt is a strong supporter of Reverend Phillips, Gentry’s father who is violently homophobic. Of course she is upset that Katie has named Glen as the father of her child. Here is the story of a gay couple in small town southern America.

Granowsky has written a beautiful story about living in a place like this where everyone is in each other’s business. As if it is not enough that the characters are beautifully drawn, they are enmeshed in the plot with the themes of love, jealousy, mentoring, bigotry, conservative religious beliefs and courage.

We are all aware of the problems of religion and homosexuality so I cannot say that there is anything new here. However, because the story is so well written, the book is another to add the shelf about gay marriage and lack of acceptance.