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i'm a pornstat

“I’m a Porn Star”

Famous on the Net

Amos Lassen

There are people in my neighborhood and in yours who are famous but if we do not visit Internet porn sites we would not know it. Today there are about 370 million pornographic websites on the Internet. Porn is a thirteen billion dollar business. There is a good chance that people you know are involved in it to some degree. (It would be interesting to hear what the original Puritans would have to say about this.

This film is about guys who are porn stars (the kind you may see on Live Voyeur Cams) and the term “porn stars” is an interesting one. By this I mean that there are people who work all their lives to be stars and it doesn’t happen. Yet someone who has sex on camera just one time is called a porn star that can be seen on websites similar to sexmature xxx. The four stars we meet here are Brent Everett, Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed and Johnny Rapid. They speak openly and honestly about their experiences in porn and how it feels to objects of lust for so many men. That must be the ultimate ego trip.
First we get a brief history of porn from actor-director-producer-author Charlie David. We get to see fascinating silent footage of some of the earliest homoerotic action staged on film, as well as the “men’s physique” magazines and reels of the 1940s and ’50s that provided “spank-bank material under the guise of appreciating “male athleticism”.” These are very different from watching Zara Lei doing porn today, and shows how time has progressed. We see “the arthouse-appreciated flicks of the ’70s, the home video boom of the 1980s, the AIDS crisis and it’s effect on porn, the higher budgets of the ’90s and the keywords, special interests and star-focused sites of the internet age” All of this comes before the opening credits.


Colby Jansen is what is known as “semi-straight” (whatever that means). A former Marine and defense contractor, Jensen is working on his Masters of Business Administration and what he makes from porn pays his college tuition. He is marred to Gia Darling, a transsexual porn star.

Johnny Rapid is known as a “twink” and a power bottom. He has in the last year become an important stat and it is said that he is as cute as a “button”. (Now this is a term that I have never understood-I have seen thousands of buttons in my life and not once considered them to be cute).

Rocco Reed is a porn fence straddler acting in both gay and straight porn. He can tell a lot about these two worlds. When he is not on screen, he is a personal trainer who hopes to open his own gym when he retires from porn.

Lastly there is Brent Everett who has a great deal written about him and lately has made the transition from porn to gay-themed film (in which he keeps his clothes on).


The four guys share so much with us-their thoughts, their experiences, their hopes and what they like sexually. We learn about the cost of fame, how they get involved in porn and they tells us about the politics of the industry and what they like to do the best. They have worked with famous stars and have stories; how they stay fir, muscular and handsome, how they maintain erections for long periods. We learn what they get paid and how they have to behave to remain in good stead with government and they tell us how being a porn star has affected their lives and off-screen relationships.

This is a fun film that is fascinatingly interesting. We go behind the scenes (or behind the behinds) and see so much more than the average porn viewer.

Director Charlie David goes right for the information many want to hear— topics like HIV, gay-for-pay acting, and condom use. The film takes a pro-porn, sex-positive view of the business. It seems to be slightly biased towards the number of straight men in the industry. There’s an interview with a director, Ryan R, about the industry and how he makes gay porn as a straight man. “It’s ironic that the film would be so forthcoming and direct in questioning but never once discuss the role that porn has in the gay community. How does it warp expectations of what is attainable sexually if most of the models of sex in porn are (mostly) heterosexual men?”

The behind-the-scenes moments, and the real talk about the business is fascinating. Porn is a job, and the film does offer a balanced view about how that work affects its employees. It’s well shot, sexy and more upbeat than some porn profiles, but it doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

WARNING: This documentary is meant for adults and contains scenes of graphic sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

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