“Provincetown – The Stapleton 2014 Long Weekend Gay Guide” by Jon Stapleton— Handy with So Much That You Need to Know

provincetownStapleton, Jon. “Provincetown – The Stapleton 2014 Long Weekend Gay Guide”,  (Stapleton Gay Guides) CreateSpace, 2014.

Handy with So Much That You Need to Know

Amos Lassen

During my adult gay life, the town of Provincetown, Massachusetts has always been legendary. When I moved to Boston, I found that legend to be very true. If there is a gay heaven, it is Provincetown. This complete guide is composed of eight chapters that tell you almost all you need to know about Ptown. I say almost because the magic and spontaneity  of Provincetown have to be discovered on a one-to-one basis. The chapter divisions include:

Why Provincetown?

Getting About

Where to Stay

Where to Eat

What to See and Do


Shopping and Services

There is also an index and a list of other guides and books by Stapleton.

Ptown has it all– lodgings, restaurants, attractions, outdoor sports, tours and excursions, shopping and everything else you’d want to do there and this guide has been edited with an emphasis on the gay traveler.  It is short and too the point. To quote someone else, “One good thing about this handy guide is that it’s not ‘just gay. It’s got loads of listings that any gay traveler would find interesting even though they are not specifically gay-related.” 

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