“Coconut Cove Episode 1: Life’s a Beach” by Poppy Dennison and MJ O’Shea— Young and Wild

coconut grove life's a beach

Dennison, Poppy and MJ O’Shea. “Coconut Cove Episode 1: Life’s a Beach”, Wilde City Press, 2014.

Young and In Love

Amos Lassen

 Coconut Cove is the place where you’ll always find oiled beach bodies, palm trees, tropical drinks, and plenty of drama. In actuality it is a new sensation— a drama about gay teens with plenty of young sexy stars that become involved with a lot of action.

We meet a rising star, a hunky guy, a nice guy with a sordid past, a diva with lots of attitude and we learn of secret affairs and sexy demons. The closets in Coconut Cove are not for gay people but rather for how they behave.

Flynn Wright senses that he has lost his job on a movie set because of his ex who suddenly ended their relationship. Wright’s agent gets him a job on “Coconut Cove” and this enables him to leave Los Angeles and Bennett his hateful former lover. He is to play the part of Mack, a gay teen who moves to Coconut Cove with his fathers. The filming is to be in Key West and his first night there, he and some of the other cast members go out to dinner together at Pirate’s Booty. There Flynn meets  Seth, the bartender who is disgustingly rude and wonderfully sexy.

So as we find ourselves behind the scenes of the new drama, a lot happens. Bennett makes an appearance of course and Seth has some things to do and say; none of which I dare not tell you for fear of spoiling a fun read.

Prepare yourself, leave the day free when you want to read this because you will not stop reading until you have closed the covers. This is just a fun read with delightful characters, sexy escapades and a well-developed plot. You know that this is the first of a series and you will want the rest of it right away but it has yet been published. In that sense it is kind of like a soap opera that just when you get to the good parts, you have to wait for the next episode. There is heartache and lots of drama as well as catastrophes.  There is also romance and a look at some very strong life lessons.

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