“Sex and Desperate Hearts: Tales of Muslim Gays Looking for Love” by S. Aksah— Gay Muslims

sex and desperate hearts

Aksah, S. “Sex and Desperate Hearts: Tales of Muslim Gays Looking for Love”, ADS, 2014.

Gay Muslims

Amos Lassen

This is a book of stories that are probably very fascinating to those who can relate to the turmoil of love and desire that is very human. But then they are not really stories but short interviews that are engaging. This is more of a journal because these interviews or whatever have no beginning, middle or ending. There are good descriptions and the prose is fine but I am not sure we can call this literature. In reading a couple of reviews of this book I could not help but notice that I am not sure the reviewers actually read it. One says it is about Muslim men and another says it is about a girl named Delores. I see it as a look at how a gay Muslim views herself and the world around her. She desires to find a life and love that makes her feel complete and yet she seems to be hiding herself from the world. 

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