“Major’s Folly” by Edward Kendrick— The Inheritance

majors folly

Kendrick, Edward. “Major’s Folly”, Wilde City Press, 2014.

The Inheritance

Amos Lassen

Ian Phillips and Thane Major are a couple who disagree on Thane’s inheritance, a mansion named Major’s Folly. Ian does not see how any good would ever come out of it while Thane is fascinated by it.

After the two learn that have been several, they discover trying to brake in and they wonder if this s the cause of the disappearances. They know that they have to learn what is going on and they begin to learn about the history of the house.

The story has movie stars, an old house, the undead and murderers so we immediately see that there is something for everyone here. Movie stars? A spooky mansion? Whispers of the undead & serial killers? Sounds like a good time to me.

Thane is an movie actor who has a bit of fame and when he hears that he has inherited the mansion that one of his ancestors built, he and Ian decide to leave New York and visit the house. With the build up we get about the house, I expected this to be one of those books that keep the reader on the edge of his seat but it is, in reality, a very nice love story.

It is interesting how the author, Edward Kendrick, gives us a third major character alongside of Ian and Thane—the house. He gives us a wonderful description and, in fact, is so well written about, it must also be considered as a character here.

I also liked reading about Ian and Thane. So often in gay literature we read about characters that meet, have sex and begin a relationship. Here we come in and the relationship is already established.

Let me just say a few words about the house. It is an abandoned estate on the Hudson River and it has secret rooms as well as secrets. Thane remembers that he had been told that it was once part of the Underground Railroad and even now that the house stands empty, it has been well preserved and kept up. Of course, the stories of strange goings-on in the house prove to be true. Both the descriptions and the stories of the house are presented wonderfully. While Ian and Thane are not afraid of the house, they constantly remain curious.

Thane learns about the happenings at the house from a distant relative and he convinces Ian along with two other characters, Samuel and Mathias, to find a way to catch the person responsible for them.

If you are looking for sex scenes and eroticism this is probably not the book for you. Instead of reading about sex, we read about the daily lives of the characters.

Almost immediately after Ian and Thane decide to live in the house, strange things begin to happen. The people that live in the town tell stories about people who have stayed in the house and then disappeared. Now Ian and Thane are determined to make the house their home and they will not let anyone or anything change their minds. So there is suspicion and there is intrigue and I am not saying any more about the plot than that and that this is a fun short read. Sometimes we need light reads to clear our heads after having done serious reading and this is perfect for that.



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