“Broke Straight Boys” —- TV Trailer – The gay for pay porn site tries a reality TV series

“Broke Straight Boys”

TV Trailer – The gay for pay porn site tries a reality TV series

broke-straight-boys-tv-pictureWe’re not quite sure what’s going on with this one, but gay for pay porn site Broke Straight Boys seems to have decided it would be a good plan to make a reality television series, offering a backstage look at these ‘straight’ boys who will do anything for cash.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘A peek at the Broke Straight Boys Reality Show is here! Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform.

‘Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.’

It’s an odd but potentially interesting idea, although I can’t escape the feeling it’s essentially a publicity stunt, taking on the idea that the guys on gay for pay sites aren’t really straight, and often not quite as ‘regular’ as they appear. However the show seems to want to show they’re all into manly, straight things, have suitably masculine arguments (which sound perhaps a little contrived), and there are plenty of women around to show how much they’re into lady bits – even if the guys do get very close to one another in exchange for money.

We’re still not 100% all these guys are as straight as they’re paid to say they are, but if gay for pay is your thing, this could be the series for you! There’s no news on whether the show will actually air on TV or whether it will just be online (where it would essentially just be an advert for the site).

Take a look at the pretty much safe for work trailer


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