“The Mausoleum of Lovers Journals 1976–1991” by Herve Guibert— A Fascinating Read


Guibert, Herve. “The Mausoleum of Lovers Journals 1976–1991”, Nightboat, 2014.

A Fascinating Read

Amos Lassen

Herve  Guibert (1955–1991) was a French writer and photographer. He was a critic for “Le Monde” as well as the author of some thirty books, most notably “To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life”, which is an intimate portrait of Michel Foucault and played a significant role in changing public attitudes in France towards AIDS.

“Mausoleum of Lovers”, a journal, is used as an atelier that forecasts the writing of a novel, which does not materialize as such. The journal itself takes it place. The sensual exigencies and untempered forms of address in this epistolary work use the letter and the photograph in a work that hovers between forms, in anticipation of its own disintegration.

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