“My Favorite Uncle” by Marshall Thornton— Changes

my favorite uncle

Thornton, Marshall. “My Favorite Uncle”, Wilde City Press, 2014.


Amos Lassen

Martin Dixon was leading a quiet peaceful life until Carter, his Christian eighteen-year-old nephew showed up at his house and tells him that he is gay. At first thought Martin wanted to send him back to his parents bunt then he learns that in order to cure his gayness he has been in a mental hospital and so he realizes that the boy is going nowhere but staying put. As can be expected the two men began to work each other’s nerves and they both decide that the best solution to Carter’s problems is to have a boyfriend.

When we first meet Carter, he is a bit of a mess and we might expect after having been through the “gay cure”. He just can’t seem to get anything together yet we feel sorry for him because of who he is and what he has been thorough. After all, his Christian parents sent him away to be cure of his attraction for other men and he is so lucky that he had enough sense to leave the place where his deprogramming was to take place. He knows he cannot go home so he goes to his favorite uncle, Martin, who is also gay. Martin has quite the life with living in Hollywood and Carter knows he has made the right choice even though Martin is not so convinced.

Carter has assumptions about Martin which unfortunately for him are not true. From this point on the two men are the odd couple

Martin is gay and lives the glamorous life that all gay –they try to help each other to be happy but it just does not work. Martin is a thinker and he thinks too much and Carter does think much at all, about anything. Martin tries hard to get Carter on the right path and he does so by relating incidences from his own life. (Remember how we reacted to hearing our parents tell us how it was and how they did?). Then Martin realizes that what Carter needs is a man.

. Martin over thinks everything while Carter thinks very little about the choices he makes. Martin tries to steer Carter into a good life by relating his own life stories. Carter sees Martin as a man who would be happier if he had a man.

Carter is a teen and therefore knows it all and Martin is the adult who would love to see Martin live at his own place. This is the cause of a lot of humor and the fact that the two do not understand each other makes for some interesting happenings. The two, with no evil intentions, give each other some rough times. The book began as a comedy but we see it s a comedy with some important messages. Ultimately Martin and Carter find a common ground and each helps the other to a better life. I have always enjoyed Marshall Thornton’s writing and this shows that there is still plenty left to share with us.

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