The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel— 69 Stories

the big book of submission

Bussel, Rachel Kramer (editor). “The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales”, Cleis Press, 2014.

69 Stories

Amos Lassen

You read correctly; there are 69 stories in this new collection edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and no, I am not going to list all of the contributors. (But I will name some of my favorite writers—Rob Rosen, D.L. King, Sean Finn and of course, the editor herself, Rachel Kramer Bussel). All of the stories deal with submission in many of its forms. The stories are also about fulfilling fantasies.

Submission is one of those words that has many definitions and means different things to different people. Here we have sixty-nine views of submission and we read about serving, spanking ordering, obeying teasing, worshipping and that is just a short list. Submissives find great satisfaction in giving themselves over to others and we are not just sexually speaking here.

Being submissive is something we do not hear about and the stories here are about those that want to be seen and heard. They also want to be valued and respected for the roles they play. We have all kinds of people in this anthology—from naughty college professors and sadistic students to sex clubs, etc. Some of you may be surprised to see how far ranging submission can be.

The stories here are short as they need to be in order to get 69 into one volume of 368 pages and because they are short, there are no wasted words or long set ups. Here is submission stripped bare and it is an incredible read and has something for everyone.

In case you have not noticed, submission is quite the rage these days (with the “Fifty Shades” books) and if you do not want to feel left out you will treat yourself to a copy of this book.

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