“All American” by Corbin Fisher— The Tenth Anniversary


Fisher, Corbin. “All American”, Bruno Gmunder, 2014.  

Corbin Fisher Celebrates His Tenth Anniversary

In an industry where so many brands and companies seem to come and go, celebrating a 10th anniversary is quite the achievement. When Corbin Fisher began in a modest home basement in 2004, our focus was on making it through to the next month; while we certainly worked towards establishing something that would thrive and last, we were not so presumptuous to even think about where we might be 10 years down the line. Here we are, though – marking our first decade online, looking forward to our next, and both thrilled and humbled these years have been shared with so many incredible performers, fans, friends and partners.

Corbin Fisher has gone from being simply a video site to a destination at which an entire experi- ence – centered around our young, American college men – is offered. Our name has entered the lexicon – “He’s Corbin Fisher material” is known to mean someone is the kind of all-American, youthful, athletic guy you see on the pages of this book.

What began in a modest basement in America’s heartland ten years ago has become a brand recog- nized the world over, one that is synonymous with the beauty and raw sexuality of young American men.

The men of Corbin Fisher have filmed thousands of video episodes. They’ve journeyed around and across the United States, from the rolling hills of rural Missouri to the beaches of Florida; from the mountains and deserts of Nevada to the cities and coastal cliffs of California. They’ve traveled across the world—over a dozen countries on four continents—with our cameras there to capture them every step of the way.

The journeys our cameras capture most of all, though, are those of young men exploring their own sexuality and experimenting with one another. Countless college men have come to Corbin Fisher and discovered just how sensual, lustful, and intimate they are and can be; as they explore one ano- ther, they learn so very much about themselves.


Cameron Frost has been working professionally as a photographer for over ten years, seven of which have been as the principal photographer for Corbin Fisher.

He started his career in Los Angeles at the age of nineteen and soon found himself photographing models, actors, and celebrities in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Costa Rica, London, and Copenhagen. Over the years his client list has included Jesse McCartney, Paris Hilton, Hollywood Records, MTV, Disney, and Warner Brothers, among others. He has published several books and calendars, and his work has been featured in magazines such as DNA, Popstar, DU&ICH, Instinct, Elle and People.

Cameron has also worked on the other side of the lens as a model and collaborated with several exceptionally talented artists: Greg Gorman, Howard Roffman, Richard Reinsdorf, Kai Feng, and Bradford Rogne. Much of his influence came from these artists, as well as Richard Avedon, Mike Ruiz, George Hurrell, Helmut Newton, David La Chapelle, and Mert & Marcus. Through his photo- graphy, Cameron has helped raise money for several charities, including the Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, and GLASS by donating framed prints and photo shoots for auction.

Cameron currently resides in Dallas with his French Bulldog, Milo. 

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