“On the Run” edited by Jerry Wheeler—-Stories by Jeff Mann, Dale Chase, Hank Edwards and ‘Nathan Burgoine

on the run

Wheeler, Jerry (editor). “On the Run: Tales of Gay Pursuit and Passion”, Wilde City Press, 2014.

Stories by Jeff Mann, Dale Chase, Hank Edwards and ‘Nathan Burgoine

Amos Lassen

“On the Run” is an anthology with four authors contributing—Jeff Mann, Dale Chase, Hank Edwards and ‘Nathan Burgoine. As the title says, these are stories  of passion and the pursuit of passion.

 “Triple Cross” by Hank Edwards opens the collection and I must be careful not to say too much about the plot but I must compliment the writing. It seems that Morgan Zastrobowski has stolen Lady Winchester’s jewels at her gala. Derron Crossan went home with Morgan right afterwards and… and so begins quote a cast of characters. Detective Wade Bilicki is a suspect as is a lounge  singer and we hear the story form different perspectives. The characters are fascinating as are their back stories. This is one that will keep you guessing and a great to open the anthology.

 Next up is Jeff Mann with “The Saga of Einar and Gisli”,  a story about a Viking who must find a former lover and bring him to justice. Einar and Gisli have been friends for years but they were intimate for the first time when they were on Freysholm Island when they were just 16. Physically they are opposites—Einar is dark and is half Irish and half Icelander while Gisli is blonde. Since the time they were on the island, Gisli has looked away from Einar  and then married.

Einar, the dark haired half Irish Icelander, and Gisli, his blonde compliment. Since Freysholm, Gisli has turned from Einar, and married soon after. During the same time Einar has fought in wars and been to many places but now we learn that Gisli stands accused of killing and then mutilating the body of Einar’s cousin and his uncle wants him dead in order to avenge his son’s death. Nine years have passed and Einar has been to war and has served in many places since that time. But now, now Gisli has been accused of killing and mutilating Einar’s cousin and his Uncle Svein wants Gisli killed or brought back so he can revenge his son’s death. Nine years on, and Einar  still remembers the time he and Gisli spent together and he still lusts for him even with the way he has been treated. However family duty and the reward offered him to take care of things for his brother force him to regard the man differently and hunt him down. But he has never forgotten those three days at Freysholm, he still desires Gisli, in spite of his poor behavior after, but family duty and the gold offered to extinguish his brother’s debts requires him to hunt Gisli down. This is a sexy story with hints of masochism and sadism. It is highly erotic and has the reader turning pages as quickly as possible.

Dale Chase takes us back in history as well in “Sundance” and here we see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid through the eyes of a youngster, 23 year-old Roy who was part of their gang during a bank robbery and then afterwards during the run from the posse that chases them. Quite naturally the story is set before Bitch and Sundance escape to Bolivia. Roy narrates and sets the tone of the story. We meet bank robbers but Butch really wants to rob a train but he agrees with Sundance to rob a bank ass Roy nurses his lust for Sundance who agrees to allow him to service him and Roy continues to hope that more will come. However, we cannot forget Etta who is always on the sidelines. This is quite a raw story and there is some wild sex. Dale Chase never disappoints.

Finally there is “In Memoriam” by Nathan Burgoine, a story about finding first love. James, an editor, lives with his cat and has just been diagnosed with something that could take his life in a matter of weeks. It s a brain tumor that causes aphasia and seizures. He finds himself experiencing what he felt when  his father died some eighteen years ago and he has to consider surgery instead of the alternative of a shortened life. He uses humor to deal with what is going on with him but it does not do much good. A friend, Yumi, is helping James go through his journals and the name Andy begins to appear over and over. Andy was a high school friend from whom he got his first kiss and Andy was his true love and he wants to find him now. However Andy has been gone for years and might not want to be found or could possibly not be gay. We are left with the question if a dying man can find love in his memories of someone or is the past indeed the past. This is a touching story that will not soon be forgotten.

This is an excellent anthology with something for everyone.

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