“The Cove” by D.T. Peterson— Forbidden Love

the covePeterson, D.T. “The Cove”, Beau to Beau Books, 2014.

Forbidden Love

Amos Lassen

Jon and Dave met by chance and their friendship evolved into something much more. Many considered there love to be forbidden so they went to San Francisco where they could be themselves and love openly. However, their lives took a turn and they were torn apart by a secret which if disclosed could bring great shame to one of their family’s.

Here we see how different it once was for gay people and how hard it was to be able to love someone. Here we have the story of two men becoming one because of the love they felt for each other. There is a lot of emotion in the pages of this book and it emotion stems from mutual love. However, the book is not without its flaws and there are some problems with the narration but for a first novel, I must say that it totally held my interest and I really did not want to see it end.


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