“Men Can Wear Dresses Too” by Catie Maye— Validating a Life

men can wear dresses too

Catie Maye. “Men Can Wear Dresses Too”, AuthorHouse, 2014.

Validating a Life

Amos Lassen

There are times in our lives that we want validation that we exist and that others know us. Such is the case with Catie Maye, a heterosexual male to female cross dresser. This is not just another story about a ‘guy in a dress’. It is totally unique, in that , “unlike any other work in this genre it not only describes a very personal, engaging and sometime traumatic life journey but essentially incorporates the results of the most influential cross dressing surveys carried out in modern times”. The results are fully explained “within the story to support and validate the events of [his] life, to challenge social opinion and ultimately to destroy many of the erroneous myths that surround those men who cross dress.”

Catie Maye has been a heterosexual male to female cross dresser since he was 9 years old. This is a secret that he has kept  from all but a few for nearly 44 years. He has continually struggled with not only living a dual gendered life but also with society’s prejudices against anything that does not fit into the world of “normality”. His childhood was in a tough South London suburb and he has had a career in construction that did not leave much room for wearing a dress and high heels. After 25 years of marriage and one daughter later Catie Maye now lives with partner in Milton Keynes and whilst everyday still has its challenges, together they are finding ways to accept Catie Maye into their lives.

I do not understand it all but each to his own.