“ERODDITY(S)”— A Series of Mini Features

errodity poster


A Series of Mini Features

Amos Lassen

“Eroddity(s)” is a series of mini features that allows us to become voyeurs as we peek into the lives of ten young gay men (or as they are more familiarly called “twinks” [although you will be surprised that there is nothing “twinkish about their equipment and how they use it]). We see those young guys in their worlds that are strange, erotic and sometimes supernatural.

“Forever Mine” is about a boy who is confused yet the searches for love that will last eternally. “A Mind of Their Own” is about the closet and why there are some things that should be there. “Unsolved Christmas” is a holiday “tale of woe” in which a young guy gets a very special Christmas gift that he uses on others. In “The Way to a Man’s Heart”, we meet an abused lover get his revenge from beyond the grave.

When I watched this film, I was surprised at what I saw and for one of the very few times, I did not know how to react. I mean that in a positive way. It seemed to show me the trend that we will see in LGBT movies in the future. Gone are the days in which our films dealt with guilt and suicide and guys having a difficult time dealing with sexuality. The new freedoms that we have achieved mean that we no longer have to hide who we are now. The time has come to celebrate it. This film does just that.

We see full frontal nudity and erections and while the sex is simulated (to a degree), the film is much bolder than we have seen in a very long time. Yet it is tastefully and not pornographic. As I said before, the young men here are celebrating themselves and their sexualities.


The cinematography is excellent as is the music–the actors are cute but obviously inexperienced. The nudity is really shocking especially the hard-ons as is the sex but it is not gratuitous and does move the plot. I suppose we might consider the film to be something like paranormal which is a big trend in gay writing now.

So I come to end of my review and not finding a way to close it. The initial shock of what I saw here is beginning to wear off as I try to think into which film genre fits. Maybe some of you can tell me that.