“UNDERCOVER DOCTOR: CURE ME I’M GAY”— Investigating Gay Cures

undercover doctor

“Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay”

Investigating Gay Cures

Amos Lassen

 In Adam Boone’s new documentary, we meet Dr. Christian Jessen who goes undercover to “investigate and undertake controversial gay cures in the UK and the USA.” There is so much to be learned here about the “treatments” to cure homosexuality. It seems that for the right price one can lead a “normal” life. Dr. Jessen who is gay himself and a physician set out to discover all about the cure against gay. The result is an alarming yet insightful film.

The doctor assumes the role of patient, goes undercover in order to find out about the therapists and healers who believe that they can cure homosexuality or who really do not believe that they can but say so anyway.


Jessen first checked aversion therapy. They no longer use shock therapy or chemical castration—instead Jessen was given a drug that made him violently ill and as he sat in his own vomit, a voice on a tape repeated over and over that gay sex is unnatural and repugnant. The procedure itself is disgusting and was popular years ago but has been discredited totally but was still an available option in the 1980s through England’s National Health Service.
 Yet the real offense is the degrading procedure itself, one that whilst widely associated with the 1950s, was appallingly still available on the NHS as late as the ’80s.

Next the doctor traveled to America’s Bible Belt to experience same-sex conversion. Whatever the method, he discovered, be it was gay rehab or color therapy or anything else there was a demand for conversion from same-sex sexuality. It is stated that homosexuality can be cured.  Under the guise that homosexuality is the result of a traumatic experience, perhaps abuse, suffered as a child, is the current diagnosis of the day, a finding that Jessen personally and professionally rejected outright. There was an encounter with a group of young Evangelical Christians, who viewed homosexuality as a sin and worry about it. They see it as being caused by gay demons. With Jessen’s return to the England, he witnessed a pastor in East London conducting a human exorcism, to rid the person of the devil that dwelled within him.

The therapies that Jessen experienced had no affect on his sexual orientation. He was before a happy gay person and even after the experiments he was a part of remains a well-adjusted gay male. He is not alone. Along the way he met a family man who after five years of costly corrective counseling, is now living with his boyfriend.  We still hear about the ex-gay movement even though people know it is a fraud. We also leann that when subjects are asked to undergo a pupil dilation and penile arousal examination only one man medically over the age of participation, opted to put his newfound heterosexuality to the sexual lie detector test.

We need to ask ourselves what this says about a society that finds homosexuality as an illness and can be cured. What this says about a society that finds many believing homosexuality to be an illness and that it can be cured. This often-disturbing film sought to prove that the sexuality that one is born with cannot be changed. 

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