“WILD GIRL WALTZ”—-The Boredom of Small Town Life

wild girl waltz

“Wild Girl Waltz”

The Boredom of Small Town Life

Amos Lassen

Tara (Samantha Steinmetz) and Brian (Jared Stern) are a couple in a small town where life is anything but exciting. Brian’s sister Angie (Christina Shipp) is close to both and one afternoon as they are sitting around, Tara tells Angie that she has two pills that a friend of hers who loves to party gave her. Each girl takes a pill and the craziness begins.  Brian finds himself having to take care of them as they “trip out”. Brian’s day has already been filled with stress and now he has to babysit these two girls who are amazingly high.


Angie reacts by seeing color coming from her fingers and Tara becomes horny and suggests that they have a threesome but they decide to go to the local bar. Earlier that day Tara has been the victim of a milk shake being thrown on her while walking and she wants revenge. While the girls do some really foolish things, the message of the film is actually quite serious— the way people bond as friends is what is important about life and all the rest is just “icing on the cake”.


Director Mark Lewis gives us a comedy, but a quiet one with no real jokes about sex (although it is spoken about) and while the behavior of the girls is at time outrageous, we understand that it is because of the pills and the girls do not use act this way with so much abandon.

The film is actually based on a simple premise but sometimes we miss the simplest of things when they are right in front of us. The script is sharp and filled with great lines that show much truth behind the words. I often felt as if I was eavesdropping on a conversation that was not meant for me yet related to my own life. This should let you know how real this movie is. We have all suffered boredom in our lives yet it is from times like that we  wonderful memories. I often consider boredom to be a great catalyst for doing things we ordinarily might not. Boredom makes us find something to do. This is what is captured here in this movie.


While at times the film seems to move slowly, I suspect that is done to get us feel the boredom that the main characters feel and when something happens, we are right there with it. If you have ever lived in a small town (and I have) then you will recognize what happens when nothing is going on, its summer time and nothing is likely to happen. The language is quite coarse and there is drug use so I am not sure that this is a film for the entire family but the acting is good around and Samantha Steinmetz gives a great performance.

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