“Bobette” by Robin Anderson—“The Ups and Downs of a Total (Male) Tart”


Anderson, Robin. “Bobette”,  Amazon Digital, 2014

“The Ups and Downs of a Total (Male) Tart”

Amos Lassen

If you love a good story that will make you laugh, than here is one for you.  We are with Bobette for some sixty years and learn his story. We first meet Bobette under strange circumstances (which you will have to discover yourselves. His adventures make a superhero look mild. From, humble beginnings Bobette makes his way to London, Los Angeles and Sri Lanka and becomes an impresario in his field (you may ask what field is that and I say read the book).

If you have read Robin Anderson in the past then you know about the colorful characters he creates and if you have not read Anderson, the time has come to start. Like the characters, the plot is wild and crazy and full of Anderson’s trademark camp.

There is Rupert Etherton-Symthe who is an important character in the life of our hero as well as Amelda Anchorage, Daphne Slant and Rip Redwood among others.

I doubt you will ever meet another like this or that you will stop laughing after you have closed the covers of this book.

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