“Finding the Grain” by Wynn Malone—Losing Love…and Finding It

finding the grainMalone, Wynn. “Finding the Grain”, Bywater Books, 2014.

Losing Love…and Finding It

Amos Lassen

Over the last few years I have been very lucky to be on the reviewers’ list for Bywater Books and while the press does publish a lot, when they do publish a book, it is always an excellent read. The latest publication is a tale of love lost and love found, “Finding the Grain” by Wynn Malone.

Augusta “Blue” Riley lived in Alabama but when her parents were killed right before her high school graduation, she realizes that she cannot expect anything. She leaves the family farm and moves to North Carolina where her aunt lives and where she can go to college. She was happy at college and enjoyed her classes; she also found love with Grace Lancaster. But the good times did not last long and Grace left her and once again she learns that expectations do no always come through. Blue quits school and for the next twenty years she went from “town to town, job to job, woman to woman”. She eventually went back to the farming. She got a job working for a Mississippi Delta farmer, Preacher Rowe, and she worked both in the fields and in the house. She also learned a skill taught to her by Preacher Rowe—woodworking and Blue begins to take charge of her life. Soon, however, she realizes how much she misses the mountains and returns to North Carolina and opens a woodworking gallery but she has yet another test. Grace walks in and Blue must make a decision.

There is a story that does two opposing things—it breaks your heart and it makes you feel good. We see love from different perspectives and know that we are not alone as we look for it. The prose is beautiful and this quite a read. While the story is about two women, it could be about people of any gender and how we sometimes miss the clues where love stands right there in front of us.







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