“Ghost Songs” by Andrew Demcak— A Young Adult Novel

ghost songs

Demcak, Andrew. “Ghost Songs”, Harmony Ink, 2014.

A Young Adult Novel

Amos Lassen

Todd Williams is fourteen and a half years old and what is referred to as a musical prodigy. He is also gay which makes life hard for him and especially so with bullies, Bob and Ari. All three go to a prep school and, as you can imagine, life there is rough for Todd. At home it is not much better. His mother, Eddie, drinks all the time and is irresponsible when it comes to her son. She is an embarrassment to Todd and in doing so can hurt his future in the world of music. Todd’s best friend, Jennifer, is angry with him and has stopped speaking to him and Todd turns to Leroy, his poltergeist to try to find out what is bugging her. Jennifer’s silence really hurts and especially so because Todd has relied on her to help solve a puzzle that might lead to finding buried treasure.

All of a sudden, Todd realizes that growing up is a “full-time job” and not very much fun.

Both Jennifer and Todd are important to each other and this is the reason why it hurts Todd so much that they are not speaking. Neither Todd nor Jennifer has a romance with someone and each sees his/her job is to be there for the other. Todd’s mother is a pitiful character and we want her to be there for her son. She finally goes into recovery and their relationship is redeemed.

I am familiar with Andrew Demcak’s writing so I expected this to be a beautiful story and I was correct. Not only is the plot wonderful, the prose is absolutely beautiful as is the character development. It is so good to have so many writers producing stories for young adults. I cannot help but think how much easier the coming out process would have been for me if they had been available.