“Holding On To Hope” by Sid Love— Waiting for Mr. Right

holding on to hope

Love, Sid. “Holding on to Hope”, Dreamspinner Press, 2014.

Waiting for Mr. Right

Amos Lassen

Bradley Parker has always felt that he would meet Mr. Right; so much so that he was willing to wait and wait he did. Bradley has waited for 20 years and then, on Valentine’s Day, he finds the man of his dreams and he is smitten that he loses his virginity to him. However, when he awakens the next morning, he is unable to remember anything including what “Mr. Right” looked like. Leslie, Bradley’s best friend, thinks that he imagined the whole thing but Brad knows that it happened and is now determined to remember the details of that night. As he searches, he ends up in some very dangerous parts of New York City.

I was not expecting this to be a paranormal story but I soon realized that Sid Love has created a supernatural world here and populated it with likeable characters. The first obvious thing here is that Brad wants to remember that night of love and the guy who got his heart. He and Leslie go to another friend, Ian, to see if there is something to do and put the pieces together. What no one knows is that Brad is in a very dangerous situation and the only way he can be saved is by his mystery man, Ronan.

We are introduced to dhampirs, half-breeds who have the power and the strength to deal with vampires who use humans to feed upon and have no sympathies with their human meals. I must say that author Love gives us a beautifully rendered story with great detail and he certainly deserves credit for creating a new kind of paranormal being. I did not find the ending as satisfying as I would have liked but then there is a sequel coming and the author did not want to just wrap things up. What we do see is a new love affair that is bound to be carried over to another book.