“The House of Pure Being” by Michael Murphy—- Reflections

the house of pure being

Murphy, Michael. “The House of Pure Being”, Liberties Press, 2014.


Amos Lassen

Michael Murphy has had several important people in his life and he shares them with us. But more important is the affection he feels for his partner Terry with whom he enters into a civil partnership. Their joining together comes at the end of the book and it is joyous. We do not get many stories about the gay Irish—I suppose the country has been too involved in internal and religious war so when we do hear something we gobble it up. In the case of this book, we have gorgeous prose which engages us immediately.

Murphy discusses problems here—putting his mother into a nursing home, being diagnosed with prostate cancer and the effect it has on him as well as pain and the guilt he feels about his mother. It is a wonderful read that is highly recommended.

Here is a little something about the author:

 “MICHAEL MURPHY was born and raised in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland. On completion of his Arts Degree in French and English from University College Dublin, Michael was offered a scholarship to the Centre Européen Universitaire de Nancy in France where he studied Psychoanalysis and the Human Sciences. He is now a psychoanalyst with a busy practice in Dublin, Ireland. He is also an award-winning senior television producer/director and newscaster with Ireland’s national broadcaster. In 1990, he wrote Reading the Poems for Desmond Egan – the Poet and his work. In 2009, his highly acclaimed memoir At Five in the Afternoon, chronicling his battle with Prostate Cancer, was published and 2013 saw the release of his first collection of poetry The Republic of Love. Michael lives in Dublin with his partner of twenty-four years, Terry O’Sullivan”.