“Color of Grace” by A.M. Arthur— Living for Today

color of grace

Arthur, A.M. “Color of Grace”, (Cost of Repairs), Samhain Publishing, 2014.

Living for Today

Amos Lassen

Barrett McCall was a man who loved to party and what was important to him was the present. However, he saw that this could do nothing for me and changed his ways. Each now is positive and he sober and happy with his life and his job as a short order cook. He just has no one to share his life. Then he had a fire and he was homeless until his boss, Dixie, offered him a place in the basement of her house. It was there that he met Schuyler Rhodes, Dixie’s nephew and an art teacher. Both men feel something immediately but Schuyler sees something in Barrett that he had been through himself, something he did not want to be reminded of.

Schuyler was dealing with a personal issue. When Dixie asked Barrett to move in, it was the anniversary of his cousin, Matty’s, death by drowning. It had been considered an accident by most people but Schuyler knew the truth as does the person responsible. Matty died some 15 years ago and this has bothered Schuyler for that long and that is what keeps a distance between him and Barrett. But then there was a kiss and the differences were pushed aside.

Then another witness to what happened to Matty came to town and Schuyler has to deal with a confrontation that could ruin everything. He has been dealing with scars for a long time and this has been eating him up. He does not try to get close to people and he keeps Barrett away. But then Barrett takes care of him one night when he has had too much to drink. Dixie had planned for them to meet and Schuyler eventually had to give into his feelings. Everything was fine until…

At first, I was quite put off by Schuyler but when I understood his background, my opinion changed. He had been through so much that it really made him stronger. I love that Barrett had the patience to stand by him and wait. I really wanted them to work it all out and become a couple.

Actually this is the second book in the “Cost of Repairs” series and I did not read the first and therefore did not have all of the information on the characters. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I read the prequel.