“Homophobia: The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome Homophobic Thoughts Forever” by Caesar Lincoln— Overcoming Homophobia

homophobiaLincoln, Caesar. “Homophobia: The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome Homophobic Thoughts Forever”, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2013.

Overcoming Homophobia

Amos Lassen

Caesar Lincoln brings a strategy to overcome homophobia. We know how widespread it is and the trouble that it causes in today’s world at a time when the LGBT community is enjoying a freedom it has never known before. It is so important in today’s world to be open-minded to everyone. Many know the dangers of homophobia but cannot change the situation because it is so ingrained in them.

What is needed is an effective strategy and an understanding of where these feelings come from and why they exist. Lincoln takes us to where it is, how it originates and then presents a step-by-step strategy that will free people from homophobia and thus give a way to take control of one’s life.

The following topics are covered here:

What Is Homophobia?

Causes of Homophobia

Getting Rid Of Homophobic Thoughts

Keeping Homophobic Thoughts Away

Once we understand these topics, we can sit down and figure out how to deal with them. This is a book for everyone and anyone involved in the LGBT community and its issues. It is an easy read and makes so much sense that people will be surprised that they never thought about is here before.


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