“Things My Mother Should Have Told Me Before I Had My Manhood Removed…” by Rachel Love— Transformation

things my motherLove, Rachel. “Things My Mother Should Have Told Me Before I Had My Manhood Removed…”, Skye Publishing, 2013.


Amos Lassen

Here is a book of just 66 pages that attempts to answer the question, “Are women really treated that much different than men at work, home and in the bedroom”? This account of Rachel Love’s life as a transsexual is the unique approach here. Here is a firsthand account of experiences and perspectives by a person who has lived in both genders.

This is a witty memoir that is revealing and thought provoking about the transformation of someone who went from male to female. Love tells us early on that “everyone does not wake up on the other side of paradise.” She writes candidly and with compassion as she gives us the details of she survived gender reassignment. She tells it all and if she is a bit too graphic you can skip those parts. Most of us do not really understand sexual reassignment and gender change and we are probably too afraid to ask questions about it.

Because I have a transgender nephew, I found the details here to be interesting and I appreciate the timeline that Love gives us after she has had her final surgery and has recovered emotionally from the stress involved. We are eased into the story and it is great that the writing is good. What the book really is about is self-discovery and then self-acceptance. These two topics are what we will all go through regardless of gender. The story is moving and it is sensitively told. We all know that there will be never be understanding if there is no equality. There is a lot to be learned here but first you must let your preconceived notions rest and approach it with an open mind.


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