“How To Bottom Like A Porn Star. The Ultimate Guide To Gay Sex” by Woody Miller— Bottoming for Fun and Pleasure

how to bottomMiller, Woody. “How To Bottom Like A Porn Star. The Ultimate Guide To Gay Sex”, Woodpecker Media, 2013.

Bottoming for Fun and Pleasure

Amos Lassen

If you have ever wondered about how to enjoy anal sex similar to what you might of seen on websites similar to sex free hd xxx then this is the book for you. The secrets of bottoms that love it are related to us here. We might even subtitle the book as anal sex with no pain. If you follow what is here then you will have a pleasurable sex life. Woody Miller is a sex advice writer who has joined with a team of urologists and colon rectal specialists to give us the lowdown on anal sex and there are also some innovative techniques that can be used. Additionally, according to sex toy insider, bleaching the anus can also make the experience more pleasurable as it can help you feel more confident with your partner. A team of researchers was sent out to interview gay men who work in the sex trade—cameramen, scouts, producers, directors and performers. The book then is a compendium about bottoming without pain and no mess. Below are the sections of the book:

1: What You Can Learn From Porn Star Bottoms.
A fascinating view of bottoming in the porn industry-how gay erotica performers prepare for a shoot, how they can take huge tops without any pain (even if it’s their first time) and how they stay loose despite day-long shoots. Sites like My Little Pleasure touch on this subject for women. However, this book goes into great detail all the techniques you should use for the best experience. If you ever had a question about how the porn industry works, this is the place to find answers-from how much money porn stars make to what percent are heterosexual (shocking!) to their favourite brand of douches.

2: Free Your Mind, Your Butt Will Follow.
How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Sex is part porn exposé, part how-to from the latest gay sex research. In this chapter, we’ll look at how “Anticipatory pain” and a perceived loss of masculinity can put your butt in a headlock. We’ll show you how to resolve the emotional blocks that stop you from trying or enjoying anal sex with other gay men.

3: Why It Feels Like You’re Being Impaled By A Fence Post.
From our urologist and colon-rectal experts who specialize in gay male sex: It isn’t just your sphincter causing all that pain; it’s your “S-curve” as well as involuntary puborectal contractions. Learn your anatomical structure so you can make the tips in this book work better.

4: How Porn Star Bottoms Relax Their Sphincters.
Not all do it, or need to, but the gay men in the sex industry that do swear by it. Find out whether you should use their controversial method.

5: The Porn Star Method Of Eliminating Pain.
Find out the shocking things gay male erotica stars do to eliminate pain. Some cannot be recommended, but others can and we’ve combined them with a technique that blends systematic desensitization, pattern breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and sexual imagery to completely eliminate pain and heighten pleasure.

6: How Porn Star Bottoms Handle The Ick Factor.
Find out their secrets to getting your butt cleaner than a Brady Bunch rerun.

7: A Device That’s Better Than A Douche Or An Enema.
Enemas and douches are a bad idea (despite the porn industry’s reliance on them). Find out why and what product doctors recommend that will get you as clean as a douche without any of the harmful side effects.

8: How To Bottom Without Pain For The First Time.
Here you’ll learn how to combine the best position with the best angle of entry. Missionary? Doggie-style? Straight in? Angled up? When it comes to gay sex, it matters.

9: A Guided Tour Of A Pain-Free Bottoming Session Between Adam And Steve.
A beginner’s real-time, step-by-step guide to bottoming-porn style!– that will light you up like an all-night liquor store.

As you can see by the above, the book is witty as well as a helpful guide about being the receiver of anal sex. While the book claims to be for those who are afraid to bottom or else have tried it but found it painful. It is so much more than that though and is educative even for those who are pro bottoms.

Miller dispels some of the stigmas associated with bottoming and we see why so many enjoy it. We even learn about using poppers and the side-effects of using recreational drugs.


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