“Take Nothing for Granted” by David Stansfield— Loss

take nothing for granted

Stansfield, David. “Take Nothing For Granted”, CreateSpace, 2013.


Amos Lassen

In 1947 in Jerusalem, a young Israeli girl lost her big sister and in Jaffa, Israel in 1948, a young Palestinian boy lost his two best friends. Moving ahead in time to 1963 in Dover, England we meet a man who falls in love with the Arabic language. Some forty years later in Malibu, California the lives of these three people come together. David Finkelstein, a real estate developer gets an invitation to a Jewish fundraiser which changes his life forever and he finds his way into two situations that can bring about the end of the Middle East. In struggling with these situations, David’s family is put into danger and his wife, Hannah, an Israeli becomes the target of a Palestinian terrorist. David finds himself between two peoples who are enemies yet very much alike. He is soon in the middle of the Israel-Palestine conflict and nothing can be taken for granted.

International espionage causes the world to become ruthless in which it is necessary to act humanely if survival is the goal. I can’t say much about the plot without spoiling the read but I can say that David loves both nations and the language of the Arab nations. Just as the title says, “Take Nothing for Granted”.