“What You Own” by A.M. Arthur— Staying Open

what you own

Arthur, A.M. “What You Own”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

Staying Open

Amos Lassen

Paige Community College is special for Ryan Sanders who teachers musical theatre thee to high risk students. It is like a home for him and a place for solace and comfort while he goes through a rough period in his life. However, now the school is facing a financial crisis and it needs money to continue operations and Ryan is reading to do whatever it takes to keep it open. He is even ready to approach Langley-Quartermaine Financial Services and ask for a donation.

Adam Langley (yes, his father is the Langley of Langley-Quartermaine) plans to finish an internship at his father’s business, finish his college education so that he can get the trust fund promised to him. However, more important  and through than anything else is to find Ryan who had been his best friend in high school and make peace with him and beg his forgiveness. He believes that if Ryan forgives him, he will find the courage to let his father know that he is gay.

However, this plan is foiled when Ryan comes to the office almost a year before the plan gets underway. Adam, however, decides to get involved with raising money for the school and through this Ryan and Adam reconnect when both realize that neither knows the whole truth of what happened that night three years ago when their friendship was torn asunder. It is never too late to correct the past and sometimes it takes a lot of nerve to correct something. Our two guys are examples of that. Arthur has created two wonderful characters that are able to rise above what has happened to them.


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