“Inside Out” by Andrew Grey— Bull and Zach

inside out

Grey, Andrew. “Inside Out”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

Bull and Zach

Amos Lassen

Bull Krebs is head of security at a gay bar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and he thinks that he has everything. Because of his job, people tend to find him unapproachable and this bothers him. One night, he does a random search on Zach Spencer, a twink waiting to get into the club. Zach does not let this bother him but later when the place gets rocking, Bull saves Zach from being stepped on and hurt. This gives Zach the inspiration he needs for his new graphic novel that he is working on.

Zach gets his nerve up and asks Bull for a date but their future together is threatened both by Bull’s mother and those from Bull’s past that threaten him.

As a bouncer, Bull has a “no tolerance” policy. He wants the club to be both drug and trouble free. Because he is a large man, people tend to be afraid of him but his private life suffers. Zach comes across as Bull’s total opposite. He sees beyond the imposing hunk and is not afraid to say what the thinks and Bull does not scare him. The two men get to know each other and the mutual attraction they share soon becomes something more lasting. Zach sees so much more than the bouncer in Bull and Bull learns that there is so much more than a twink mentality in Zach. While Bull is somewhat dominant, he does not dominate Zach—there is tenderness there. They actually achieve their own balance.

It is really fun to read how the two come together. The share a special chemistry and I really wanted them to make their relationship work. Actually they share some common experiences which include loneliness, rejection and family loss. They are able to overcome these and find their own safe place.

Grey beautifully takes us through their relationship and we read about they developed trust for each other and we see that even with their physical differences there are emotions that they share.


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