“THE DECEPTION”— Now and Before

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“The Deception”

Now and Before

Amos Lassen

“The Deception” is composed of two stories that are intertwined—one is a coming-of-age story of a gay teen named Chip (Garrett Wade) and his first love, Devon (Garnett Jarett); the second is Chip some twenty years later when he is known as Christopher (now David Busse) and living in the closet. He is then involved in politics and is preparing to run for the Maryland Senate and his fiancée’s family that is very politically connected is helping him. However, Devon (now Jerry G. Angelo) appears suddenly and reminds him of the passion that they once shared and Chris’ world that he has worked so hard to build begins to fall apart.

I would say that the theme of the film is how denial can create the worst people and situations. It all began when two high school seniors fell in love one summer but one was filled with guilt and ended it. Some twenty years later when he runs for political office, he meets his ex-boyfriend who is living an entirely different kind of life. Their romance begins again and we watch it at the same time that we see flashbacks of how it was when they were teens.

the deception

Director Jay Durrwatcher brings us a story of young love and adult compromise and how people can become very messed up because they are given the wrong guidance. The parents we see here are terrible people. The story of the teens is beautifully filmed and the camera catches the beauty of young love. The film of the present is not as successful but that is minor when we look at the film as a whole. We see that Christopher is still gay but has decided to live in the closet. He deceives his fiancée although she seems to know about him.

There are some really lovely moments here and the way the past and the present are juxtaposed is a new way to tell the story. On a sad note, Durrwatcher died suddenly when the film was going through its final editing.


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