“LOSE YOUR HEAD”— A Psycho Thriller

lose your head

“Lose Your Head”

A Psycho Thriller

Amos Lassen

Luis (Fernando Tielve) is from Madrid and goes to Berlin for a fun summer weekend. He was getting over the end of a relationship and though that the club scene in Germany would be the best place to have sex and rid himself of the pain he feels. He thinks he might even fall in love again. What he did not know, however, was that a young Greek student has been missing and the resemblance between the two is uncanny. Soon Luis finds himself involved in several mysterious events. What was to have been a fun and romantic weekend becomes a chase through the streets of Berlin and his sense of belonging becomes paranoia.

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There is a hint early on that this is not going to be a good weekend. When Luis asks locals for directions, they answer him with an expression of disgust and say something about the Spaniards who have come to Berlin. The same anti-Spanish attitude seems to exist all over Germany. The Spanish tourists begin to stick together and the locals try hard to ignore them. With this tone established, Luis is able to find a way to get into a club. He found it necessary to leave his friends and holding on to a local girl. Once inside, he does some lines of coke with her and her drug addict friends. He also meets Viktor (Marco Mandic), a Slav who is illegally in Germany and pursues him sexually.

Luis has left his boyfriend in Madrid and goes to Berlin to have a drug filled sexual weekend. He finds just what he went for even though it meant that he had to ditch his Spanish friends. The first night was all he had hoped it would be but the next morning finds himself locked in an apartment. He manages to escape and runs directly into Viktor’s arms.

While this is happening, two Greek citizens, Kosta (Stavros Yagoulis) and Elena (Sesede Terziyan) are trying to find, Dimitri (Jan Amazigh Sid), Elena’s younger brother who is missing. Dimitri was a regular at the bars in Berlin and is much Luis in they both pursue a hedonistic lifestyle. As the story progresses, we sense that perhaps Viktor had something to do with Dimitri’s disappearance.

lose your head 1The basis for this film is a true story. Luis realizes that he is involved in something quite big. I found myself having a hard time getting into the film in the beginning but when the film turned into a thriller, I was on the edge of my chair. We see Luis as a mix of youthful fearlessness and naiveté while Viktor is both charming and mysterious. We waiver in opinion as to whether he is involved in the disappearance of Dimitri or not because of the charm exhibits. The title “Lose You Head” is apropos because we are not able to guess what is happening and each time we think we can figure it out, we are surprised by something being brought in that changes that.

This is what I would call a trippy thriller because of the way it messes with our minds. Just when we feel that the film is verging on the ridiculous and ludicrous, we are given the reason why. Here reality falls further and further away and we fade with it.


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