The Most Realistic Gay Sex Scenes In Film — Reader’s Picks [NSFW]

The Most Realistic Gay Sex Scenes In Film — Reader’s Picks [NSFW]

According to some of our intrepid readers we missed out on a whole slew of realistic gay sex scenes in movies. While the debate about if first time anal sex should hurt or not rages on (spoiler alert: it sometimes does, but doesn’t have to), we have a couple more movies for you based on your feedback.

Check out the new suggestions below, pulled directly from the amazing Queerty readers comments, and let us know if we missed any!

I Want Your Love


Writer-director Travis Mathews used the actors’ own names and much of their real-life stories for this 2012 film about a gay man in his mid-30s forced to move home from San Francisco. Porn studio Naked Sword helped in the production of the film, whose graphic sex scenes led to it being banned in Australia — much to James Franco’s chagrin.

Comment: “Any of the sex scenes. These are real actors having real sex on camera, and hotter than porn for that reason. You really see the connection between the actors, as well as oral sex, full penetration and even cum shots. As an example of actors really pushing their boundaries, this can’t be beaten.” — submitted by Greg Mitchell


A young Roman Catholic priest struggles with his homosexual urges in this 1994 British drama.

Comment: “The first sex scene between Linus Roache and Robert Carlyle” – submitted by Greg Mitchell

Total Eclipse


The widely-maligned big screen adaptation of the legendary and tumultuous relationship between French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine featuring a young, pre-Rome + Juliet/Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio.

Comment: “Leonardo DiCaprio bumming David Thewlis” — submitted by JasonBrownUK

Behind the Candelabra



Much was made about how Behind the Candelabra wastoo gay” for any Hollywood studio, but just gay enough for us and HBO — along with near universal acclaim the Liberace biopic snatched 11 Emmys including one for Michael Douglas as the provocative, poppers-loving pianist.

Comment: “I found the sex scene in The Candelabra to be very realistic.” — submitted by bskeete



An honest and unflinching portrait of an affair that promises to be much more, Andrew Haigh’s 2011 British romantic drama is equal parts sexy and heartbreaking.

Comment: “Had one of the most emotionally resonant sex scenes I think I’ve ever seen in a movie and probably one of the few to show that anal sex can be loving and not just pounding, not that there’s anything wrong with pounding.” — submitted by zaneymcbanes

Stranger by the Lake


Pierre Deladonchamps stars as a young man who finds himself attracted to a man who might be a killer, played by Christophe Paou in Alain Guiraudie’s psychological thriller, which was among the films to scandalize Cannes with its “explicit scenes of gay sex.”

Comment: “Beautifully shot and well crafted story. The sex scenes are hot, complete with oral and cum shots” — submitted by Travis

Making Love

The first mainstream Hollywood drama to deal with being gay, being closeted and coming out.

Comment: “I still think the love scene in Making Love is the best gay sex scene ever. And Michael Ontkean & Harry Hamlin were superb and sexy as hell in it.” — submitted by hephaestion

Do Começo ao Fim (From Beginning to End)


Aluizio Abranches’s 2009 Brazilian drama focuses on two brothers who become lovers.

Comment: “Has very good romantic scenes. Rather realistic for 2 straight Brazilian actors” — submitted by John Doe

Presque Rien (Come Undone)


A 2000 French-Beligian romantic drama depicting a stormy holiday romance between two teens and what remains of that relationship eighteen months later.

Comment: “French film” — submitted by John Doe. Full film here.

Queer As Folk (U.S.)


While not technically a movie, the popular US version of the UK drama revolving around the lives of a group of gay friends deserves an honorable mention.

Comment: “Justin and Brian’s first sex scene on Queer As Folk. It looked so f*ucking real and, Justin looked like he was in REAL pain when Brian penetrated him. I personally love that one.” — submitted by Dxley

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