“The Night Visitor”— Sexual Exploration

the night visitor

Creed, Ewan. “The Night Visitor”, Wilde City Press, 2013.
Sexual Exploration
Amos Lassen

Kevin is a young gay man who has exotic and erotic dreams. When he wakes up he knows he has had these dreams but he does not understand why or what they mean. As we read about these dreams we realize that they are partially based on reality and Kevin learns that once he understands his past, what he dreams begins to make sense to him.
He is involved in what he thought was a good relationship with Hank and they had no borders when together but obviously something was lacking and this is what his dreams were about.
Let’s face it—exploration is fun and what we are not able to experience in real time, we tend to experience subconsciously. It is pure fun to find out what makes us horny and sexy and we either embrace this or shy away from it. However, when fantasies takes over both our waking and sleeping moments, the time comes to explore what causes this. Sometimes there is more to it than just fantasy.
As most of you know, I am an avid reader and sometimes I think that I live to read. However, I do not really enjoy erotica as many others do. I read it when I am asked to review it but otherwise I would prefer to read an engrossing novel or stimulating non-fiction. I like to be challenged and questioned when I read but that does not often happen with erotica. I had never read anything by Ewan Creed before this but I must say he challenged me. While this book is practically all sex and erotica, it is also something else, I have, like everyone else, had sexual fantasies but I have never that I could or that I even wanted to share them. Then I read this and while Kevin has a much broader imagination than I do, I realized the importance of fantasies and dreams and that there is nothing wrong about acting on them (with the right person). As I read Kevin’s story and traveled with him on the road to sexual nirvana, I understood that it is perfectly all right to dream. Shyness is for wimps and if we want to enjoy sex, we must take the ball (singular) and run with it. Inhibitions have no place in the bedroom and shyness should be outlawed.


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