“Northern Star” by Ethan Day— A Chance Meeting

northern star

Day, Ethan. “Northern Star”, Wilde City Press, 2013.

A Chance Meeting

Amos Lassen

 Most of you know that I rarely review eBooks—I am one of those old-fashioned guys who believes that a book is to be held and loved (or hated) but I want to touch the pages and the spine and then put it on my shelf. So why am I reviewing this? Well, I like the way Ethan Day writes and this is the only way I could get a copy of his book. What we expected to happen to publishing has indeed happened and eBooks now flood the market.

Northern Star” is about Deacon Miller, a guy who has missed a lot in life. That could be because he never really thought that that he would be lucky and successful. His mother was an alcoholic who seemed to take up with a different men who were losers and who taught Deacon not to expect much from life. We meet him when he is 27 years old and depressed. His boyfriend has walked and he had just been to a horrible family reunion. He is stuck in an airport hotel while blizzard rages and prevents him from being able to go home.

Having nothing better to do, Deacon goes to the hotel bar. He feels lonely and being someplace where there are other people might just be what he needs.

Just about the same time, Steve Steele walks into the bar. Steve is forty-four years old and he has been lying to himself and to others about who he really is. He has hidden his preference for other men and married to show the world that he was like others. He finally, one day, summoned the courage to tell his wife how he feels and he got a divorce in exchange for that. He feels guilty and is trying to start his life over again but that is difficult to do when he has such low self esteem.

It must have been fate that brought Deacon and Steve together that night and from that one night together, both men find what they have been looking for. It is just not enough that Ethan day has created two compelling main characters; he also created a wonderful cast of supporting characters. In one of his other books that I reviewed recently, I mentioned that characterization is one of his strong points (along with a good story and fine writing skills) and he proves that here. All of his characters are very real and I found myself wanting to live in a world populated with Ethan Day characters.

The book combines humor and sadness just as life does. It takes talent to bring these two ideas together and it works so well here. Now if you like sex in your novels, you will find that here as well but what really stands out for me are the characters. This is the kind of book that you can read again and again and I hope that a real book edition will be available one day.




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  1. ethanday

    Hey Amos – thank you so much for taking the time to read and review the book. I’m so happy to see you truly enjoyed Northern Star! I also wanted to let you know that we are currently working on getting our Wilde City Press titles available in print, so Northern Star along with many of our other current titles will soon be available in paperback as well as e-book. : )

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