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hungry for love

Reed, Rick R. “Hungry for Love”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.


Amos Lassen

It is not always easy (as we all know) to meet the man who will sweep us of our feet and make us love him the way we want. Such is the case with Nate Tippie and Brandon Wilde, two gay single men who are looking for love. Nate’s sister, Hannah, wants to help so she and her best friend, Marilyn create a profile on a gay internet site. They makeup what they need but soon realize that they need a picture and decide to use Nate’s.

Brandon happens to see it while surfing the net and falls hard for this online person and soon they are corresponding (or at least Brandon thinks he is). What Brandon does not know is that he is not talking to the person in the profile but to Hannah. When Brandon wants to meet, things become complicated, especially since Nate does not know this is going on. The girls have to make up a story and decide to use the real Nate to go and meet Brandon and end the story. However, things do not work that way and when the two men meet, they are immediately attracted to each other but the path to their meeting has been paved with lies.

There are several subplots here with Brandon’s search for love and a relationship being the one that ties everything else together. Nate was beginning to understand that one has to share life to truly enjoy it and Marilyn’s outrageousness adds humor to everything. As Hannah’s best friend, she provided a sometimes cure for the loneliness that Hannah feels and this is probably the reason that Hannah comes across unsympathetically. Hannah’s jealousy of Nate, her brother, added to the fact that she is a character that is hard to like. I do not question that she had good intentions but they went terribly wrong. I believe she is here, in the story, because we all know someone like her.

Reed is a good writer that never fails to deliver a good read and he is a wonderful storyteller that knows how to pace his characters and plots. He is one of the first writers that I reviewed in the beginning when I began to think about building my own website where I would collect as many examples of gay literature as I could and I am now nearing my 6000th review. Reed has never been afraid to tackle the important issues of the LGBT community and here he looks at friendship, love, lies, heartbreak and jealousy while creating characters that we can identify with and grow to love.


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