“HIDDEN HILLS”—Coming Soon from Dan Steadman

“Hidden Hills”

Coming Soon

Amos Lassen

A year ago I was watching “Lover Come Back” and “Pillow Talk” for the umpteenth time and the thoughts occurred to me: “What if Rock Hudson had been able to be himself in the early 60s and had been able to star as a gay leading man in film?” “What if Doris Day’s character didn’t roll her eyes at her effeminate male co-worker who liked his lavender floors?”

 I can’t do anything about film history – or anything about the way the world was at that time. But I knew I could write and direct a film that pays homage to that era. Unlike “Down With Love” I wanted my project to have something to say. So in March of this year, partnering with Out of the Closet Entertainment, I shot “Hidden Hills.” It’s a world where nearly everyone is gay. Straight people are closeted. Aging is in. Fat is sexy. Everyone is in a mixed race relationship.

 It’s a non-threatening comedy that’s obviously for the gay community. Our 1960s romp comedy, at last. But also – its a non-threatening film that appeals to straight audiences. It shows mainstream America that there is more to gay life than Cam and Mitch’s bickering on “Modern Family.”

 Over 235,000 have watched the trailer in a matter of weeks. What’s exciting is, we’ve decided to GIVE THE MOVIE AWAY for free – to the whole world on October 11, in time for National Coming Out Day. (It’s also screening all day Oct. 3rd at Regal Cinemas, downtown at LA Live.)