“Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure” by Sam Carson— Twin Brothers and a Mystery

mystery of the tempest

Cameron, Sam. “Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure”, Bold Strokes Books, 2013.

Twin Brothers and a Mystery

Amos Lassen

Denny and Steven Anderson are twins who love to help others. Their father is the sheriff of Fisher Key, Florida. Steven loves girls while Denny does not dare to tell anyone that he is gay and wants to lose his virginity. Now the boys are graduating high school and Steven has been keeping a secret of his own—he didn’t pass the physical for the Navy Seals because he is color blind but he has not shared that with anyone.

They met a handsome stranger on their graduation day who will play an important part in their summer which they share with Brian Vandermark, a gay transfer student from Boston who immediately falls for Denny but is too shy to do anything about it. However, soon the three boys are working together to solve the mystery. A yacht, The Tempest, exploded in the harbor and before they realize it, their summer is going to be one of romance, betrayal and danger. In the process, secrets will be revealed. The Tempest is an antique yacht and this was the first time the twins have seen it docked in the harbor. When it goes up in flames, Denny, Steven and Brian happened to be nearby and saw what happened. They were getting ready to head out to graduation party but Denny was worried that someone might have been on board the boat and began to swim in its direction. He gets knocked out by the explosion but a handsome stranger helps him and now they wonder just who this stranger is. It is at that point that they realize that the situation is dangerous.

What follows is not only the mystery about the yacht but the boys and their summer vacation. The twins are known all over town as boys who love to help solving crimes, something they have probably inherited from their father. Soon they are in the middle of the mystery of The Tempest and things really become complicated when realize that they are being followed and “accidents” begin to take place. As they work on the mystery, secrets are revealed and their lives also become complicated.

That graduation night looks like it is going to change Steven and Denny forever. Denny is infatuated with the handsome stranger while at the same time we feel the mutual attraction between him and Brian (whose boyfriend has flown down for his graduation). They also find it hard to continue covering up secrets they have. They cannot share their feelings just get—Steven feels badly about lying about the Navy and Denny feels terribly guilty about hiding that he is gay.

I have to stop writing about the plot or I will give something away but I can say that the mystery is intriguing. It so good to read a novel that shows the interactions between straights and gays and written especially for young adults. Alternating chapters are related by the three main characters giving some very interesting perspectives. While this is a mystery it is also a look at the lives of the characters. We see how Denny comes to terms with his sexuality and how Steven deals with his lie about the Navy.

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