“TRIPLE CROSSED”— Sean Paul Lockhart’s Directorial Debut


“Triple Crossed”

Finding Life after War

Amos Lassen

Coming soon from TLA Releasing is Sean Paul Lockhart’s directorial debut. He also stars. Linda Andersson wrote the screenplay about what a young man feels after returning from a tour in Afghanistan and having seen war up close and personal. I actually just finished watching a screener of the film and I must say it was much more than I thought it would be and I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the popular LGBT films this year.


Chris Jensen (Jack Brockett) faces a hard struggle as he tries to find some way to once again fit in life in California after his harrowing experiences. He sees that there are others who face the same problems that he does as he meanders through life, living in his car. He medicates himself and tries to find some way to stop hearing the voices he heard while on the front lines. He was lucky enough to have been able to use his own special talents while in the Middle-East. He finally decides to use those talents at home yet he is fully aware that civilian life can be just as dangerous as life in the war zone even though the danger takes a different form. Here there is an added difficulty that comes in the person of Andrew Warner (Lockhart).


There is a hit out on a man that Chris promised to protect and he is torn between the promise he made to now-dead Tyler Townsend and Tyler’s half-sister who has hired Chris to kill her dead-brother’s gay lover. That lover is the very same Andrew Warner who is due to inherit millions that Tyler has left to him. However, Jackie, Tyler’s sister has other ideas about what to do with Andrew which he knows nothing about. There is only one problem—Chris falls in love with Andrew who is suspicious and when the plan is revealed, each of the three characters is forced to fend for himself.

With this many twists in the plot, the director and the actors to become confused with what is going on but it is all handled beautifully. Honestly, I was surprised at Lockhart’s direction which while not perfect is good and the movie is interesting to watch. To me, the most important aspect of the film is that we get to see positive gay characters who fight for what they believe in.


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