“WITHER”— Under the Floorboards


“Wither” (“Vitra”)

Under the Floorboards

Amos Lassen

“Wither” opens with a lone man walking through a dark rainy Swedish forest calling his daughter’s name. He is in a state of panic and is on the verge of breaking down. He sees someone and thinks it might be his missing Lisa but when the person turns around and stares at Gunner (Johannes Brost) with dead eyes and gore coming out of his mouth. Gunner fires and hits the specter and puts a hole in its head only to see it rear and snarl. The tone is set.


Next we are introduced to the main characters, Albin (Patrik Almkvist) and Ida (Lisa Henni) who we meet at Albin’s parent’s home talking about an abandoned house in the woods, a place that he and Lisa plan to visit with some of their friends. Soon we are on our way to the house with a group of eight friends. Soon we become aware that a disease is spreading but this is just the beginning.


Up until this point, this could be any horror film but things happen to make this film very special. Under the floorboards of the house is evil that comes from Sweden’s past. Add to that good acting, visuals and special effects, we get one great horror film. The special weekend comes to an end when one of the friends accidentally unleashes a mysterious creature who was trapped in the basement—a savage demon who assaults who he can find and the number of dead grows and more creatures come out to taste the newly dead human flesh. When those alive launch their counterattack, we see decapitations, gore and dismemberments galore. This is, without a doubt, gory horror, a bloody frightening story of demonic possession about naïve young people. It is impressive horror with great special effects.


The DVD which I watched today comes with an eight page booklet about the film and the extras include a deleted scene and a behind-the-scenes featurette. I have heard it said that “Wither” is a Swedish homage to Sami Raimi’s horror classic “Evil Dead”. Without a doubt, the special effects are incredible.


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