“The Serotine At Dawn” (parts 1 and 2) by Wade Jay Radford— “A Gay Love Story About Secrets, Sex & Murder”

serotine at dawn

Radford, Wade Jay. “The Serotine At Dawn” (parts 1 and 2), Wade Jay Radford, 2013.

“A Gay Love Story About Secrets, Sex & Murder”

Amos Lassen

I have a really hard time reviewing short stories and that is because they are so short. By virtue of being short, everything must happen quickly and this could result in the reviewer writing a spoiler thereby letting readers know what happens and I just do not think that is fair.

Releasing today, August 7, 2013 is the two part story “The Serotine at Dawn”, a psychological thriller with elements of murder and secrets and some really strange sex. Part one sets the scene in nine short pages and part two brings us to a sense of closure although I am still thinking about what I read. The main character is so craftily created that I have a feeling that he is going to be with me for a long time.

When I got my copy of Radford’s “The Serotine at Dawn”, I met a word I was not familiar with and had to look up what the word “serotine” means. The moment I found out, everything fell into place. A serotine is a late bloomer and here the word fits perfectly. It is a word that we do not use in our language today and interestingly enough, my computer’s spell check marked it as misspelled.

Radford is a young writer and I find it amazing how much at home he is writing dark erotica with psychological leanings. We meet Alexander Thomas-Kidder who is in jail having been convicted of sex crimes. As criminal profiler, Larna Lay speaks to him we are given a look into his mind. Lay has her own motive in talking to him. She hopes that she will learn more about crime which will help her career but I do not think she was ready for what she heard. Thomas-Kidder has a mind that has become warped as a result of the crimes he has committed and he tells her all about himself, those he has loved and his sexual history. More than that I cannot say aside from I was fascinated by the characters especially Thomas-Kidder. He appears to be quite charming until he opens his mouth to talk about himself. Radford has captured him perfectly and has created an unforgettable character.

This is unlike any story you have ever read—the story pulls the reader in and does not let him go and this takes great skill to do so. Keep your eyes on Radford; he is a talent to watch. I have just learned that his book, “Dirty Sexy Deadly” is coming out soon and I predict that it will earn him a place in the gay literary canon.

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