“FEAR THE FOREST”— Legend or Myth?

fear the forest

“Fear the Forest”

Legend or Myth?

Amos Lassen

I am sure that some of you are wondering why I am reviewing two horror films about forests. The answer is simple—I review them as they come to me and the fact that the titles are alike is coincidental. Here we get a look at the age-old question of what is legend and what is myth. Some Native Americans feared what they thought to be a god when a suspicious something roamed the woods killing people. Years later this same something was back at it and people disappeared.

Some thought it was all a scam, a hoax but one local philanthropist felt differently and offers a two and a half million dollar bounty for the “beast”. However, it was never found and it was dismissed as an urban legend. Then Barbara Sanders and some friends from college, some years later, head into the woods for a fun weekend and their camping trip turns into a fearful experience filled with terror.

Matthew Bora directed this “horror thriller” and the reasons for the parentheses will soon be obvious. This is one of those movies that have nothing going for it… I really like horror movies and wanted to like this one but it left me cold. I liked the beginning and really liked the old news reports about people having seen the monster in the woods but from that point on, the film jumped all over the place. Now the monster or “Bigfoot” looked okay but I was not frightened or even bothered. I am not going to say anything about the acting or the dialogue—see for yourself.

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