“EYES OF THE WOODS”— Lost in the Woods

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“Eyes of the Woods”

Lost in the Woods

Amos Lassen

The premise of “Eyes of the Woods” is simple–a group of teens find themselves lost and soon hunted by an unforgiving creature deep with the woods. Made on a shoestring budget, there is a lot of ambition in the film. I do not understand why it took three directors and I believe this is the weakest point of the film. The plot moves back and forth between two different periods of time and there are some exciting special effects and a unique prologue which shows us the background of the villain, a demon who stalks the woods. The film begins in the time of the Puritan were a father makes a deal with the devil so that he can better come to terms with the loss of his daughter but the devil lies to the man and changes him into a flesh-eating monster who is to walk the woods until the end of time. We see him get rid of his townspeople and then the film moves to the present where we see a group of friends getting ready for a weekend trip. Thus the gore begins.

If the acting were not so terrible, we might have had an interesting film but it is so bad that I found myself groaning. Put that with the real poor technical aspects of the film and we get a really lousy viewing experience and it hurts me to say that because I really wanted to like this film.

For those who manage to get through the beginning, however, will get a surprise as the movie improves and I can only guess that the reason for this is that the director changed. Now we see that this is indeed a film that is the clichéd story of kids on a road trip who get stranded and go into the woods looking for help. The rest is “guessable”.  However the dialogue is fun and the kids are not typical slasher victims. Now past meets present when the monster we met in Puritan times waits to eat the kids and the special effects begin. It just seems to be unending. What could have been, wasn’t and we see something we have all seen before.

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