“Thorns” by Feliz Faber— Investigating Love


Faber, Feliz. “Thorns”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

Investigating Love

Amos Lassen

Some seventeen years ago a tragic accident at the Kentucky Derby scandalized the world of horseracing. A horse died and Nic Pithiviers and Louis Meerow were said to be responsible. Now reporter Will Yeats wants to know what really happened but Nic and Louis do not want to talk. When asked for an interview, they send their attorney Francis LeBon in their stead to answer Will. Francis is determined to protect his clients from the gossip that Will is ready to spread. However, Francis was not prepared for Will’s honesty and his determination to exonerate Nic and Louis who were falsely accused. Nor was he prepared t deal with the attraction he felt for Will.

It seems that Will, while visiting Nic’s and Louis’ training center in France, discovered a series of intrigues that included lies and secrets. In doing so, he unleashed a series of events that could destroy what he has with Francis and as well as the relationship of Louis and Nic.

There is something about ready a novel that could be derived from the newspaper—it has a sense of truth as do the characters and the setting of this story. The characters come across as real people with real jobs who live in a real world. Will seemed like someone I know, a man struggling to stay real in Los Angeles and yet get his job as a reporter at a gay newspaper. He needs a story and Nic and Lewis are it. They are horse breeders and trainers who do all that the jobs entail including the things like cleaning the stalls, etc. that no one wants to do. In this we see the realism of their lives.

I really liked really reading about the two different relationships here—one that has just begun and the other that has continued, through thick and thin, for twenty years. Add to this a mystery and you get a terrific read that keeps you turning pages.

Will’s editor told him to find a story about gay men who are involved in horseracing and he finds the story of Nic and Lewis, never suspecting that it would change his life and as he investigates, he uncovers secrets and lies that could destroy what he works so hard to build. These secrets build to a climax that bring the truth out and give us an excellent read.

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