“Vamp” by Rob Rosen— A Fun, Sexy Mystery Romance


Rosen, Rob. “Vamp”, MLR Press, 2013.

A Fun, Sexy Mystery Romance

Amos Lassen

Rob Rosen never fails to entertain and he is one of the authors that I am always ready to read. His new novel, “Vamp” combines humor and suspense as we meet one of the most outlandish casts of characters that I have read about in a long time. Jack, the main character suddenly finds himself in some very unusual situations especially the contest between those who love him and those who want him dead. It all began in a mysterious house that had a coffin in the basement. It seems that the previous owner had died in a mysterious way but his humpbacked man servant has stayed on. Before we know it Jack has an undead boyfriend, a werewolf whose pack is ready to protect him. Not everyone feels that way and there is a group of characters that one him dead and the sooner the better.

Jack inherited the mansion from his cousin Boris Jackowski and what this so strange is that he had never heard of the mansion before or of his cousin, Boris. We then learn that Boris was Jack’s great-grandfather’s brother’s great-grandson and he (now dead) and Jack were the only two still living Jackowski (but now there is just one). Jack also learns that even though he knew nothing about his cousin Boris, the same was not true for Boris.

Rosen has a knack for writing tongue in cheek and at the same time making things seem perfectly believable.

There is not much more that I can say about the plot without spoilers so I won’t. Rather I want to mention that the style is light and I am fairly certain that others might call this “fluff” literature simply because it is other-worldly and could not, in any way, be true…or can it? For me this was a pleasant surprise as I have been so busy concentrating on a philosophy course I will be teaching in just a few weeks and needed something light to read. I do not believe that it is the purpose of all literature to teach the reader something and there are writings that just simply entertain. That is the best way to describe “Vamp”…it is for me a guilty pleasure and I heartily recommend that everyone enjoy that feeling. I am willing to bet that once you do that you will begin reading everything Rosen has written.

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