“The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time” by Phil Hall— The Worst Movies of Our Lives

The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time.

Hall, Phil. “The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time”, BearManor Media, 2013.

The Worst Movies of Our Lives

Amos Lassen

All of us have personal lists of bad films but it is always good to see what others consider to be bad and here Phil Hall gives us the greatest of the bad. One cannot help but wonder how some of these films ever got made and how people with sense and intelligence ever agreed to be in them or how the money was raised to produce them. The films that Hall has chosen range from the worst atrocities to the craziest of films. Here are 100 films that could easily be forgotten if they had not been so bad. Hall classifies them as “anti-classics”.

Were you lucky enough to see John Wayne as Genghis Khan, Halle Berry as Catwoman, Jack Palance as Fidel Castro and Jerry Lewis as an alien being? How about Anthony Newly singing naked or a dance interlude in the middle of “A Streetcar Named Desire” or Elizabeth Taylor as a suicidal woman running crazily through the streets of Rome?

We read of “Edward D. Wood Jr., Phil Tucker, Tommy Wiseau and their peers in the so-bad-they’re-good genre, and marvel at how cinema royalty including Stanley Kubrick, George Cukor, Michelangelo Antonioni and Clint Eastwood could conceive celluloid debacles of an unprecedented scale. When it comes to shock and awe, nothing compares to ‘The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time’.” If you love movies and also love camp this is just the book for you.

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