“SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT”— A Sentimental Romance


Shake It All About” (“En Kort en Lang”)

A Sentimental Romance

Amos Lassen

Jacob (Mads Mikkleson) is a spoiled young man who is used to getting whatever he wants. He and his lover, Jorgen (Troels Lyby) have been living together for several years and Jacob finally decides to ask Jorgen to marry him. Then Jacob falls in love with someone else—a girl!!! This is not just any girl but it is Caroline (Charlotte Munck) who just happens to be married to Jorgen’s brother Tom. Jacob’s life quickly changes from peaceful to complicated as he tries to decide if he wants to spend his life with Jorgen or Caroline and it seems that he wants them both. Caroline becomes pregnant by Jacob and things get even more complicated.

It all started when Jacob and Caroline shared a passionate kiss at Jacob’s birthday party. This makes Jacob begin to think about women. Jacob and Caroline embark on an affair that Jorgen learns about and loses an eye after crashing his car in a moment of jealous rage.

I suppose this is kind of a “fluff” film—there is not a whole lot in the plot yet it is very entertaining. We like the characters from the moment that we meet them. However I did find Jacob’s constant wavering between gay and straight to be a bit obnoxious. He does seem to be concerned about gender and it is the person and not the sexuality that he falls for. His relationship with Jorgen seems sincere even though their gay friends are a bit stereotypical.

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The film belongs to Troels Lyby (Jorgen) who turns in a wonderful performance incorporating humor and sadness and realism and indecision. We laugh with him one moment and cry with him the next. The film deals with serious issues—relationships, homosexuality and family and it does so with wit and with humor.

Jacob has been spoiled all of his life and that is so evident here. The film is filled with gay stereotypes as well as romantic clichés but because of the humor these can be overlooked.

The cinematography is beautiful especially in the shots of Copenhagen and we get a feel of Danish culture. See the film and forget any preconceived notions—all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

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