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“Living Downstream”

Speaking Out

Amos Lassen

Sandra Steingarber is an ecologist and cancer survivor and as we watch the film that follows her for one year. She travels across North America speaking out about cancer and it relation to the environment.

Steingarber received the news that she had cancer after a routine medical examination and even though she has managed to survive thus far, there is always the threat that cancer could return. She takes it upon herself to bring to the toxic chemicals that we live with and are in our environment. She follows the toxicants which are invisible as they move to some of the beautiful spots on this continent. We become aware of how they enter our bodies and what they do once inside as well as they may contribute to the formation of cancer. We hear from toxicology experts as those in cancer research as they speak of what they have found out and thereby show us the connection between a healthy environment and human health. Steingarber combines her personal journey with scientific exploration and reminds of the connection between health and the land we live on with its air and its waste.

Even with all we know about cancer, it remains an enigma. Steingarber’s story, cancer becomes quite personal even though we personally do not the woman who this film is about. She leads the argument about protecting ourselves by protecting our environment. Steingarber becomes the viewer’s friend by taking us with her on her personal journey which is powerful and inspiring. It is through her that we see how cancer is experienced, treated and most important, understood.

The special features on the DVD include five short documentaries and two audio commentaries.





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