“Your Queer Career” by Riley Folds III— Being Who You Are

your queer career

Folds III, Riley. “Your Queer Career”, Magnus Books, 2013.

Being Who You Are

Amos Lassen

It is so important to be empowered when entering the workforce these days especially if one is an out and open member of the LGBT community. The workplace can be quite intimidating for the members of our community and it is necessary to understand and be prepared to face the challenges that await us. This means having the tools and the resources to make the right decisions which are critical to career development and life in general. Here is a book that will help prepare you for success.

Your Queer Career” teaches you how to get a perspective that includes what you will do in your career in terms of your sexual orientation. Here is information on LGBT-inclusive employers, as well as ways to deal with discrimination that is based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It shows us how to find LGBT companies, whether the resume should include sexual orientation, how to deal with discrimination in the workplace. As a LGBT employee as any other employee, one must do all he can—his/her best—to achieve the highest success level. Riley Folds III in an expert and we are lucky to have his book to make our lives richer.

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