“EICHMANN”— A Battle of Wills



A Battle of Wills

Amos Lassen

Eichmann” is reportedly based on transcripts From the Eichmann’s (Thomas Kretschmann) conversations with Avner Less (Troy Garity), as Israeli police officer while awaiting trial in Jerusalem during the early 1960s. Eichmann was an Obersturmbannfuhrer who played an important role in the genocide of millions of Jews and is considered as the architect of the Final Solution; the extermination of European Jewry. The film looks at what happened before Eichmann’s trial. Some of the film is quite disturbing which expose Eichmann as the cruel and person with no feelings that he was (according to this film with which Hannah Arendt would have disagreed). We see Eichmann with his Jewish mistress and to some this questioned his hatred of the Jews.

There are flashbacks to the atrocities of war and the film actually plays on the emotions of the viewers. Avner Less stops at nothing to learn the truth about Eichmann’s role in the Nazi party. Some of the film is fiction—for example, there is a scene of Eichmann at Theresienstadt concentration camp in April, 1945 and there he supervises deportation to Auschwitz which had already been liberated by Allied forces. This to me is a sign of sloppy filmmaking and should have been checked on. In yet another scene we see Eichmann bragging about events that had not happened yet. There are so many people who deny that the Holocaust ever happened that we really do not need a film that gets its facts wrong.
Eichmann was an unbelievably evil man, who was proud of his role in the Holocaust. If the film-makers had chosen to stay closer to history, they could have produced a very powerful film. We know that it is very difficult to find the absolute historical truth. Words, ideas, events, and stories can be slanted. So, if you are looking for absolute historical truth, read all the books, manuscripts, historical documents, watch the documentaries, read all the press, etc., and come to your own conclusion. This is just a movie with the
interrogation of Eichmann by Captain Avner Less at its heart. Less is determined to obtain some type of confession within ever restricted time constraints.

Kretschmann turns in an amazing performance. He is uncanny in the way he actually becomes the character. If only this had been the true story!!!!