“Cruising for Bad Boys” edited by Mickey Erlach— Getting in On in the Open

cruising for bad boys

Erlach, Mickey (editor). “Cruising for Bad Boys”, Starbooks, 2009.

Getting in On in the Open

Amos Lassen

I understand that this is the third erotic anthology that Mickey Erlach has edited and that it is a bit different in that it takes us outdoors for good, hot sexual fun.The anthology contains selections from both established and lesser know writers includingAmanda Young, Barry Lowe, Christopher Pierce, David C. Muller, David Holly, Derrick Della Giorgia, Jamie Freeman, Jay Starre, Martin Delacroix, Owen Keehnen, Rob Rosen, Ryan Field, Stephen Osborne, and Xan West. There is one big surprise and that is the bonus of Mykol Dementiuk’s novella, “My Father’s Semen” which is about a young man who goes in search of his biological father and is forced into hustling on the streets of New York in order to stay alive. If you have read Dementiuk, you know that he writes of the grittiness of New York and those that work the streets. The novella is set in the 1980s just when we were beginning to learn more and more about AIDS and the epidemic that was to rob us of so many wonderful men. We see a New York that few know about and those that do don’t talk about it. We need to be reminded that life was not so easy as it is today.


3 thoughts on ““Cruising for Bad Boys” edited by Mickey Erlach— Getting in On in the Open

  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk

    I wrote this in the 1990s remembering the confusing days in 1980s and who knew what was going on back then? Until in the middle of my story and I suffered a sever stroke which knocked me on my ass for a few years. Over time I came back and was able to finish the story, My Father’s Semen, with one finger, one letter at a time, and which I still do every day. I like this story, in a way he does make it home.

  2. biwriter

    I take my invisible hat off to you. Recovering from serious medical issues is always a significant challenge, if not a down-right, ass-kicking son of a bitch event. I admire your tenacity and obvious love of writing. You fit the definition of a hero. Look it up!

    David Sullivan


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